[HEYLITTLEDICK.COM] Elouise Lust – “You Make Me Laugh!” Elouise Lust


Description :Tattooed hottie Elouise is a rock chick that’s into big cocks. So you can imagine how unimpressed she is when she sees your tiny peepee! She shows off her curvy body while taunting you that someone like you would never get a girl like her. “I bet you’re sitting at home on your own wanking to internet porn because you’re such a loser” she laughs at you. She shows you her juicy cunt and firm ass and tells you it’s all reserved for the big boys. “Guys like you make me laugh” she says as she pretends to wank with two fingers. As you start to cum Elouise can’t believe how pathetic your load is and tells you to fuck off out of her sight!
File Name : heylidi38.mp4
File Size : 129 MB
Resolution : 1280×720
Duration : 00:05:43
heylidi38.rar – 129.23 MB


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